A medication reset day

Oh, boy. Wow. I’m going through a medication reset day and it’s rough. The day before yesterday, I had called the Doc’s office and he was out sick with influenza. He called yesterday, and we discussed a host of things and he realized I had a little bit of akathisia going on. Now, akathisia is a condition that feels like a deep internal restlessness that makes you want to crawl out of your skin…and it’s a constant feeling, not an intermittent or relenting one. It can really drive you insane. You also feel agitated, violent, and even extremely suicidal. It feels like your brain is sick, and crawling somehow. Anyway, I’m not taking any antipsychotic or stimulant medication today, then tomorrow, I’ll take a half dose of the antipsychotic and two thirds of my stimulant dose, and on Monday, I’ll resume my usual doses of medication so we can see how this reset went. Several things could’ve happened here. One is that we raised my SNRI antidepressant dose recently, and the akathisia sometimes takes a bit to build up. Another thing that happened is that I’ve changed my eating habits and cut out bread, which is fortified with B Vitamins because nobody seems to get enough of these. Without enough B6 (thiamine), akathisia can develop in persons on an antipsychotic medication. I haven’t been drinking nearly as much water lately, either, which could definitely affect the concentrations of different medications. Another thing to think about are the medications that I have taken previously that are fat soluble and stored in fat. I’m losing weight. That means that those previously prescribed medications could be leaking into my system as I lose weight, especially fat. That could be a tricky one to deal with. I have been on almost the entire formulary of medications available to treat PTSD, anxiety, and depression, along with those medications’ side effects, over the last 19 years. I’m sure there are plenty of these substances stored in the fat of my body that are inevitably going to be released as I get in shape. For today, though, I’m watching the snow fall, planning peakbagging adventures, and sleeping because those are the only activities that I am together enough to do. Artwork is on my list, too. Happy day! Time for a nap!

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