Climbing again…a gift

My psychiatrist introduced me to rock climbing a little over five years ago. He retired on Memorial Day of this year (2021). I haven’t climbed since…until today. I got on the wall and I was happy. I realize that my doctor gave me an invaluable and lifelong gift in introducing me to climbing. I had stopped because I was devastated at losing my doctor. I haven’t lost him, though. I got lost in the pain of it and I lost my way for a time. Age 40 has been tougher on me than most years of my life. Everyone goes through a period of time like this every now and again in life. There’s no predicting when it will happen, but when it does, don’t let it blind you like it did me. Hold onto the things that make you happy, even if there’s an element of emotional pain to the endeavor. You’ll regret the lost time much more than you will ever regret working through it. So I’m back to climbing as of today, 01 September 2021. I just gave my buddy Chad a big hug here at the climbing gym. It’s good to be back.

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