This site is a lot of things.  It’s therapy.  It’s a passion for bouldering and rock climbing.  It’s a beginner’s path to enlightenment (or the light at the end of the tunnel…wait…is that a train?!?!).  Mainly, it is a collection of humor, good days, bad days, probably some uglies, and my life in general as a sport climber and boulderer, with my ultimate goal being to become a true alpinist.  And yes, boulderer is a word.  So please enjoy!!!

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I don’t normally drink coffee because it’s against my religion, but I now have a doctor’s prescription for it as an analgesic (painkiller), and it works remarkably well! So now I wonder if I’m still in good standing and Temple-worthy because I’ve been drinking my analgesic that I made a covenant with God not to, … Continue reading Coffee

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