Reinstating the medications

Today, I took a half-dose of one of the medications and will take a two-thirds dose of the other medication that I took a complete holiday from yesterday. “Holiday” in this sense doesn’t mean that it was fun, because it’s not. Medication holidays are to enhance the effectiveness or to adjust the levels of a medication in a patient’s body. That means that, by default, your medication levels are off, and that’s never fun. Never. I’m not going to dwell on that part, though. The point is that sometimes a medication can build up or stop working properly in the body for a host of reasons. Change in diet, change in weight, change in hydration levels, change in hormone levels, change in behavior, addition and interaction with other, or new, medications or substances in the body — these can all affect how a medication functions, and these are only a few of the ways that medication efficacy and effects can be changed. Fortunately, I have a great doctor who recognized the problem and knew how to hopefully remedy it within a matter of days. We’ll know by the day after tomorrow or so, which is relatively quickly when dealing with medication levels and interactions in the body. I’m just thankful for the Doc. He was sick with influenza and called to help me out despite that. Thanks, Doc. That means a lot to me.

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