Messed up the invocation this morning

Well, I messed up the invocation this morning at church. It followed a butchering of the song “Ring Out Wild Bells”, which is one of the best songs in the hymnal in my opinion. I guess it was just meant to be. I was so rattled by the murder of the opening hymn that I couldn’t think to speak the words I needed to. Oh, well. I’m sure they’ll ask me again. At least, I hope they do. Anyway, the speakers were good and I especially liked the second speaker’s message that we don’t have to be obedient, but we have to suffer the consequences of our actions. There’s no avoiding that. In our second hour meeting, the new leadership introduced themselves and we had a very good discussion about the current Sunday School instruction program. We just finished our first year of the program and many people had the same experiences that I did with it. Some were better experiences than others, but overall, people like and support this inspired program of study. We received our new manuals for the coming year and everyone seemed pleased about that. Suggestions for improving our experiences came from all over the room as people shared how they have applied the study program over the last year. This year should go more smoothly for several reasons. Beginning next Sunday, we meet at 1030 hrs instead of 0900 hrs. That will be quite the change! I doubt that I’ll remember…

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