Slept in this morning

I slept in this morning. Well, maybe I wasn’t exactly asleep, but I enjoyed lying in bed with my favorite blanket, dozing off now and then. It’s not often that I get to do that. I might have secretly been trying not to face the day, too, but if you ask me, I will deny it. I finally got up at 0720 hrs. That’s a long time for a person that gets up at between 0300 hrs and 0400 hrs every morning to sleep in! For the average person, think of that as sleeping in until at least 0900 hrs, possibly 1000 hrs. When I finally got out of bed, I scratched my head as yesterday all came flooding back to me, and I was asking myself, “Did that really happen?” because it was so stressful. Climbing was the only non-stressful thing I did yesterday, I think. Things usually look better in the morning, but sometimes it’s all still a fog. Speaking of fog, I stepped outside to feed the cats at my mom’s house and a dense fog covered the landscape. Maybe it’s not just my brain…

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