Well, I completed therapy, then climbed

My last post ended with panic ensuing, but I moved to the sidelines of the action and was able to stay through the anxiety, thus completing therapy for the day. Exposure therapy, at least. I went for a bite to eat, then came back before the kids were gone. They were getting ready to leave, and I waited until they were gone to climb. The climbing gym was so peaceful after they left! I taped my left wrist and thumb up, walked upstairs to the bouldering wall, got my Katanas on, chalked up, and commenced climbing. It felt fantastic to be on the wall. I did as my doctor ordered this morning and climbed. I had a terrific time doing it, too. I have to get back to climbing daily. Must! It’s great therapy for my PTSD and my anxiety and my depression — all three. It’s going to be good for weight loss, too. Climbing is in my blood. Truly. I still can’t believe I’ve only been climbing for three and a half years. How did I survive without climbing? Not well, I can tell you. This last year has been tough with the wrist fracture and all that from the car accident, but I can still send V3+ outdoors and made a bid for a V5 outdoors, so God is good and He answers prayers and He performs miracles. Yes, today, in this day and age. I can’t be convinced otherwise because without all of that, I wouldn’t be able to climb. I would’ve lost everything and had no reason to soldier on. God is real. Climb on!

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