Church this morning

Yep, Sunday is Church Day for me. Every Sunday I’m able to attend, at least. I always try to go to Sacrament meeting, but I don’t always make it for second hour classes. That all depends on how my PTSD is going (or not). I’m getting better at staying for the whole service. I sit in the second row and near the door, so there’s never any problem getting out if I need to. I try not to think about all the people sitting behind me. Sometimes that bothers me. I used to sit in the back because of that, but sitting in the back presents it’s own problems. I get to the chapel plenty early so that I can read, pray, and just get used to the environment while it’s quiet and nobody else is there. The organist comes in about an hour after I do to practice. He asked me a couple of weeks ago why I come so early and I told him that it’s just to calm down and settle in. He thought that was really cool. It takes a lot of extra time and preparation for me to sit through a simple church service, but not many know that. I’m not a person who does well skidding in with two minutes to spare and grabbing a random seat only moments before the service begins. I don’t do well with that at all. All the extra time and preparation is worth it to me, though, so that I can at least attend Sacrament. It’s very important to me and that makes the extra worth every moment of Sacrament meeting that I’m able to attend. Sometimes I leave immediately after the Sacrament is administered, but other times, I’m able to make it through the entire service. It just depends on the day. Today, I need to make it through the entire two hours of meetings because I don’t know when the two Bishopric Counselors are going to be available to give me a blessing. I spoke with the Bishop yesterday and he said he would get ahold of his Second Counselor about it. Today will be a good day. So far, so good.

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