Finally climbed this morning!

Talk about a major achievement!  I finally climbed this morning!  It was so great to be on the wall again!  I taped up my left wrist and thumb, strapped on my climbing shoes, chalked up, and attacked the wall!  At first, I noticed myself overgripping, so I downclimbed and took a breath.  I then went full-force into an arête problem with some odd-angled holds and some technical footwork.  That was a fun one!  I didn’t overgrip and my footwork was solid.  The third problem sent was a tan line that I didn’t expect the holds to be very good on, but they were surprisingly good!  I was pleased with that.  My pinch strength in my left hand definitely needs work, and my range of motion needs some help for underclings, but I’ll get there.  If I don’t, then I’ll adapt, but I will climb better than ever as long as I keep losing weight and doing my best at climbing!  My forearms were actually pumped after only three problems – that’s how long it’s been since I’ve done any serious climbing.  My knee held up well and I felt better for having climbed this morning.  McKenzie told me I looked good on the white problem, and the tan one, too.  Always looking out for me, she is.  McKenzie’s one of my best buddies.  She’s awesome.  I’ll be seeing her again tomorrow morning when I go climbing!

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