Finished “American Gods” this morning!

What a perfectly mind-bending narrative! I love Neil Gaiman’s novels and short stories! The twists and the turns and the psychological trips that he weaves into his writing are phenomenal! This book is well worth the read! I know there is a Starz series on TV based on the novel, which I have no desire to see because it would completely ruin the impressions that the book left in my mind (because they are someone else’s interpretation and imaginative license.). I like books, and given the opportunity, I will always read the book instead of watching the movie or series. When I both read the book and watch the movie/series, I always find myself terribly disappointed in the recorded version, and thus always read the book first to form my own impressions. I don’t even like audio books because the voice is so often wrong for the character or story tone! I’m definitely into reading and forming my own impressions, especially reading the works of an author such as Neil Gaiman, because I get so much out of good stories! I highly recommend this book!

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