Hey, I’m still here!

Wow, have I ever had a stressful week!  Without going into all the details, I will say that I do need to get back to climbing for distress tolerance purposes!  My knee has good days and bad days, and my wrist is in rough shape, but I have to get back to climbing.  I just have to!  There’s nothing in the world like climbing for managing my PTSD and improving my health!  I got my fishing license yesterday, too.  The Doc thinks that fishing would be good for me while my knee heals up some.  He filled out the application for me so I could get a disabled fishing permit, which is significantly cheaper than a regular fishing license (I can get a discounted deer tag, too).  So now I just have to pick up some worms and grab my fishing pole, and off I go!  I haven’t gone fishing in years!  I know it’ll be fun.  I hardly ever catch anything, but I don’t keep what I catch, anyway.  I’m a catch-and-release fisherman.  Let ’em live another day.  If I was a fish, that’s what I’d want.  I’d say hello to you, and thanks for the worm, but I’d want to get back to the water ASAP!  If I was a fish…

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