A difficult time

Hey, there, just checking in.  I know I’ve been scarce the last few days.  I haven’t felt well mentally.  Not being able to climb is taking a serious toll on my well-being…

Well, I can definitely appreciate dictation software and hunt-and-peck typers, now!  This hard cast on my left thumb, wrist, and arm is killing me!  The worst part is that I can’t go climbing.

Climbing.  A true climber can’t live without it.  It will literally kill them.  I’m dying.  I long for it, and each day that I can’t climb, my spirit gets weaker, my soul more frail…  It’s eating away at me bit by bit, and soon there will be nothing left.  I’m in rough shape, that’s for sure.  I’m in trouble, like a drowning person who’s been carried out to sea by the riptide and cannot get back to shore, and the sharks are gathering.  With all of the stress in my life right now, I need to be able to climb!  The one thing I can’t do, though, is just that, due to my fractured wrist and casted left appendage.  I need climbing.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill cry for help, here.  I’m very serious.  I need to be able to climb so badly right now.  I’m withering away.  I can quite literally feel the muscles in my arm and hand atrophying as we speak.  Every time I stretch, I can feel the weakness and the spread of it.  It’s driving me more than a little bit nuts!

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