Haircuts for my mom and me

Today it was supposed to get up to 43º F.  I don’t think it got there, or if it’s still going to yet today, it’s taking it an awfully long time!  I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s just not going to happen.  A raw wind is blowing and there’s a thin layer of snow on the ground that seems to be staying quite, well, frozen.  That’s what my mom and I went out into in order to get haircuts today and go to Costco.  We signed up for a time at the hair salon, then went to Costco and got something to eat before embarking on our monumental shopping spree that Mom had made a list for: printer ink, juice, pineapple, sugar snap peas, scissors, butter (meaning margarine when my mom says it), and diapers.

We first went to get our haircuts.  There were several people there before us and we respected that fact, although a young man and his son who were latecomers did not.  It made everyone angry.  We were latecomers ourselves, and let the other people sign up for times before we did, as was proper because they were there before us.  There was a disabled couple there who told the stylist that they hoped that my mom and I got back before the young man and his son (which happened to come to fruition later) because we patiently waited and gave everyone their due place in line instead of usurping the order of things and being rude.  I believe that’s called “karma” in some circles, as the young man and his son ended up coming in and having to wait 10 minutes or so for my mom to have her haircut finished, and I had already gotten mine cut.  He gave me a dirty look, as if he’d been cheated out of something.  I simply smiled at him and looked to my own affairs.  The stylist had told my mom and I what the disabled couple had said, and it was good of them to acknowledge that we had not been rude.  I felt good about that.

In between signing up for the haircuts and actually having them done, my mom and I went to Costco.  What a circus that was today!  Mom and I got our lunch first.  We both got a hotdog, and ate only the hotdog and not the bun, then shared a cup of frozen vanilla yogurt.  We had water to drink, as not to spin our calorie counts out of control.  I’m still losing weight and we want to keep it that way!  We did our shopping quickly and I went to visit the restroom while my mom checked out.  I overheard some employees saying that yesterday was even worse than today!  I couldn’t imagine.  People are crazy, ignorant, selfish pigs sometimes.  And then there are the people who can acknowledge and embrace civility, honor, integrity, honesty, patience, and compassion, like those whom we met at the hair salon (with the exception of the young man and his son).  I hope they learned something, but I somehow doubt it.  If looks could kill, I’d be dead…

So, during these holiday rush days, be kind to the cashiers, stockers, checkers, and employees of all sorts.  Give them a smile and wish them a good day because they all need that.  We tend to abuse strangers.  Instead, try to make a stranger’s day better.  “Karma” is real.  Just remember that!

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