I have arrived in Bozeman!!!

Actually, I arrived several hours ago…  I left for Bozeman from Billings right after my appointment with the Doc.  Lou and Leon and I were going to have dinner at Olive Garden together, but we managed to miss each other somehow, so we’re going to meet tomorrow morning at their hotel room for a planning session.  My motel’s in a different part of the city than theirs.  They can afford a little nicer one, wink, wink…  This one is okay.  Definitely budget, but it has what I need and puts a roof over my head
(for a pretty penny, even at a “budget price”) while it rains.  It’s raining here in Bozeman. It rained off and on all day, just like it did in Billings, and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, too!  So it looks like a climbing gym day tomorrow, at least for the morning.  IF it dries off enough, we might go scout out one of the Bozeman Six…  It’s rather chilly here right now.  It’s about 42ºF, which is a far cry from the 100ºF day we had just the other day in Billings!!!  Well, that’s about it for tonight.  I have to set up my BiPAP and try to get some sleep before my wake-up call at 0400 hrs in the morning.  I want to make sure I keep my “regular” schedule as much as possible.  BWAHAHAHA!!!  What regular schedule?!

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