Lou and Leon arrived last night!!!

Lou sent me a message with he and Leon’s hotel name and room number in it last night when they got in.  I received it this morning when I checked MyClimb.  YES!!!  Lou and Leon are here!!!  I have a lot to do before I leave for Bozeman to go and see them.  I have to pack yet, but I made a checklist so that I remembered the important stuff.  Watching Squiggle Bug this morning, so I’ll be packing after my brother picks him back up.  I’m going to take seven days’ worth of meds just in case something happens.  Hopefully I have enough to do that.  It’s the time of the month when I usually start running out and have to get another prescription batch from the VA.  We’ll find out in a bit.  I’m coming back to Billings for an appointment with the Doc Friday, anyway, so I can restock then, if need be.  So excited that Lou and Leon are here!!!

I’ve got an appointment with the Doc this afternoon and then I’ll leave directly from there and go to Bozeman to meet Lou and Leon, who will either be at the climbing gym or at their hotel room.  I’ll get there just before supper time.  Perfect timing!!!  We can have a reunion and strategy meeting to plan out the week ahead and have some chow!  I’ll have to remember to take some cash to spend!!!  I don’t carry a whole lot of cash, but I don’t want to live on credit up there, either.  Small bills – that’s the way to go.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to this climbing trip.  It’s sorely needed.  You wouldn’t believe how badly this climbing trip is needed!!!  God’s hand is in the timing, too!!!  I have no doubt of that whatsoever!!!

I’m looking forward to the order in which things are happening, too.  I start the day packing, load up, go and see my psychiatrist for a tune-up (and, oh, what a tune-up I need today!), then head to Bozeman to see two of my best climbing buddies and mentors, one from the East Coast and the other from the West Coast!!!  We get together all week long in preparation for our attempt at our Genesis Challenge goal of the Bozeman Six!!!  That will be the pinnacle of our meeting in this faraway place in the mountains…  In between, I’ll come back for another tune-up with the Doc and a rest day right in the middle of things so that Lou and Leon can have some guy time and do some other stuff that they want to do.  It’s going to work great!!!  I’m taking my three Petzl bouldering pads up there – two Alto’s and a Cirro – so that we each have one and we can create a nice bed of bouldering pads for some of the harder problems we might attempt on the Bozeman Six.  I’m probably taking way too much other stuff, too, but you never know what you’ll run into as far as weather or (God forbid) injury or emergency or what-have-you go…  I’ll be well-prepared, let’s just put it that way!  I have a giant 90L duffel bag that I’m going to put (hopefully) the rest of my stuff into so that I have fewer bags to keep track of individually.  I might have a bag inside a bag in some cases, which is fine.  I just want to have an easy way to keep track of everything while I’m flitting hither and thither on this trip!  I should say trips, plural, since I’m coming back for a day and a half in the middle of the week.  Oh, well.  You’ve caught onto what I’m doing by now, I hope.  Call it what you will!!!  After it’s all said and done, I’ll be able to call it a success and exhausting, haha!!!  I can’t wait to see Lou and Leon tonight!!!

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