Attempt No. 2 at “obligation expectations”

In life, I’ve found that some folks have what I would term “obligation expectations”.  An “obligation expectation” is the expectation that you take on an obligation due to your position in life in relation to someone else’s.  For example, my poor sister-in-law is at the mercy of her bosses when it comes to mandatory meetings.  She works nights, and they have these meetings during the day, often on her days off.  That’s an “obligation expectation” that her bosses have of her.  Even worse, they seldom tell her about these things, and she has to find out second-hand from a coworker or at the last minute!  When I was in the military, they would pull stuff like that on me, and it drove me nuts!!!  The military is another example of “obligation expectations”.  True, I signed up voluntarily and the draft wasn’t being used, but I still expected some form of professionalism in their communications and conduct.  They often used the fact that I missed the mandatory briefings to produce guilt, shame, angst, frustration, anger, and resentment within me.  Then they would foist the task in my lap anyway!!!  When disarming nukes, you want to make sure you made it to the briefing before the training starts!!!  There are other examples of “obligation expectations” out there, mostly in employment settings, but they can also happen occasionally in family settings.  I, fortunately, don’t have that problem.  My “obligation expectation” troubles come from the VA when trying to make appointments.  A consult will be put in by my primary care doc and I will have just spoken to the specialist when, the very same day, a letter from the VA stating that they’ve tried to get ahold of me multiple times and if I don’t get ahold of them within 14 days, they’ll terminate the consult.  What?!  I just talked to you!!!  That means that, without attempting to contact me, you just sent out a letter threatening to cut me off from the specialist!!!  Now, tell me that’s fair!!!  Go ahead!  Tell me that’s fair…  The same things happen with the Social Security Administration.  Bureaucracy can kiss my rosy red cheeks – the ones that I train in my mid-section!!!  It all gets overwhelming.  It really does.  Especially when you’re a 100% Service-Connected Permanently and Totally Disabled Veteran!!!  There’s a reason that my country decided I gave all but my life and I’m wrecked!!!

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