The Fender Bullet Strato HSS HT

Well, for those rainy days, and days that I just feel like I need to engage my frontal lobes and my motor skills at the same time to calm down, I bought a Fender Squier Series Bullet Strato HSS HT electric guitar online.  It’s a beginner guitar (didn’t cost much), and I already have a Fender Mustang GT 100 amp that I use with my classical guitar to plug it into, so that takes a lot of the cost away from the initial setup.  I ordered a couple of sets of extra strings, a strap, strap locks, a basic stand, a capo, a padded gig bag, and a cover for my amp, which needs dusting off rather badly.  I’m excited about this guitar!!!  I’ll have to find some medium Fender tortoise shell picks somewhere in town, here, because they were all sold out of them online.  That’s the last element I need for now so that I can have the proper setup to jam with.  I invested in something called the JUSTIN guitar method.  JUSTIN is both the fellow’s name (Justin Sandercoe) and an acronym that he came up with using his name – Just Use Sound To Improve Now.  I think it’s pretty catchy.  Anyway, he’s got a whole series of books out that you can get for a very reasonable price on and they are spiral bound so that you can open the books all the way up!  There’s a beginner’s and an intermediate course offered, which both include two CD’s each to aid with learning.  The fellow has a website as well.  He recommends beginning with the electric guitar.  That’s another reason I invested in one.  I have a classical guitar with nylon strings that I love (Cordoba) and I use finger style playing with it, but I don’t know how to strum or pick, of all things!  How backwards, huh???  Normally, people get freaked out about “finger style” because it’s hard.  Me?  I get freaked out about picks!!!  And strumming!!!  Hahaha!  Does this tell you anything about me?  I hope it does.  That’s my life story right there…  Anyway, these items that I ordered from Fender online should be here in a few days and I can commence terrorizing the neighborhood with my noise and odd novice sounds!  I can’t wait!!!

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