An apology for a poorly written post…

To my family and friends, I would like to sincerely apologize for a poorly written and sorely misunderstood post that I wrote in the haze of this morning’s pre-medication sleepiness.  It was not written as I intended it to be written and I hurt my family’s feelings.  For this, I ask your forgiveness.  I love watching Squiggle Bug and he enriches our lives beyond measure, and I’d like to continue to watch him.  I really enjoy my Squiggle Bug time!!!  Please know that I make mistakes, and I really goofed in making my post so vague as to be mistaken for a post directed toward my family this morning.  I’m sorry.  I spoke with my brother and my mother and hopefully things are cool between us.  No issue here.  I feel badly about the time that my family spent worrying and trying to wrap their heads around something that wasn’t directed at them at all.  This is my public apology, and I hope that it is acceptable.  To my family, I want to say, “I love you, I’m sorry I goofed, and I need my Squiggle Bug time!”

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