The men’s Lowa Tiago hiking boot

Now, before you immediately go to check on Lowa boots, I’m going to warn you about sticker shock.  They aren’t cheap.  They aren’t cheaply made, either, though.  I just wanted to warn you before we even got that far, so that you weren’t lying on the floor twitching beside your computer or on the floor of the store with the managers trying to resuscitate you!  That said, I just got a pair of mens’ Lowa Tiago hiking boots and I’m in heaven!  I wasn’t sure, as always, of the fit when I ordered them, so I was pleasantly surprised when my feet slipped right into them and they fit my feet perfectly.  This is similar to my experience with my Lowa Rocket climbing shoes after I heard that satisfying puff of air indicating that the shoe was seated on my foot!  Lowa was recommended to me by a good friend and mentor (Lou Renner) a while ago, and I finally bit the bullet and tried some Lowa Rocket climbing shoes.  They are the best-fitting high performance climbing shoe the world over for my feet!!!  Now, upon Lou’s recommendation after I told him about the Lowa Rockets, I’m trying out a pair of Lowa Tiago hiking boots, and am I ever impressed!  I think they must have discontinued this particular model of hiking boot, because I can’t find it on the Lowa site, but if you want a quality boot, Lowa has plenty of others.  I’m planning on trying several as money allows.  We’ll see how long it takes to wear the pair I have on my feet at the moment out beyond recognition, too.  Lou said that Lowa used to be among the top brands, and I believe that still to be the case.  La Sportiva and Scarpa are popular, but Lowa has something to say about that if you try a pair of their boots or climbing shoes on!!!  I guarantee it!!!  I chatted online this morning with one of the authorized U.S. Lowa dealers whom I thought would have more of their product line available, and they, disappointingly enough, said they weren’t planning on having the Lowa Rockets in stock, and as far as the Lowa Tiago went, they said they couldn’t get that particular model (another reason why I think they’ve been discontinued).  I asked them to tell management that they may be getting more inquiries about the Lowa Rocket climbing shoe since it has its very own ad in the “El Cap” issue of Rock and Ice Magazine this month!  I beat them to the punch and already have a couple of pairs of them, but I was glad to see the ad.  The Lowa Rocket climbing shoes are very reasonably priced for the performance shoe that they are!  Lowa boots are on the expensive side, but like I said, I’m going to test a pair of their hiking boots out here and let you know how they fare in the Montana wilderness, rain and shine!  So at least look at some Lowa brand boots or climbing shoes if you’re in the market for a new pair of either.  Check this manufacturer out! They’ve been sworn by for many moons!!!

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