Got a cortisone shot

The orthopedic PA that saw me determined that my scaphoid-lunate tendon was not involved in my wrist trouble and that I have a ganglion cyst that’s putting pressure on my joint and causing pain. She was a really knowledgeable and competent professional, which was terrific! She gave me a cortisone shot in that left wrist and told me that, in three weeks or so, if it was still there and causing pain, they’d remove it surgically. Regardless of what they do, it could always come back, but they don’t know why they form, either, so it is what it is. The shot didn’t hurt any more than the cyst had when it was more inflamed, so that was good. My wrist is tender now, but I expected that. I’m sitting here at the climbing gym contemplating whether or not to climb today. I really hope that the cortisone shot takes care of the problem! I’d rather not have surgery…

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