Taking a rest day

So, what have I done today?  Well, I’ve done a lot and not much, all at the same time.  Right now, I’m listening to the group Postmodern Jukebox through my Aftershokz Trekz Titanium earphones, which have great sound and I’m streaming the music from my iPhone 7S via Bluetooth.  I love jazz and blues and good instrumentals.  This group is great for relaxing to.  I rarely listen to music because it evokes such strong emotions in me most of the time.  I have enough trouble with that as it is, but some days, like today, I can listen to it and actually enjoy it.  Funny that I have to stay away from something that is so deeply ingrained in my talent set.  I’m quite the musician…or was.  Those times are long past.  I’ll sit down and play a piano if I run across one, and I can still play by ear and my fingers know the keys so well…  So many memories.  One time, when I was in the inpatient psych ward as a patient, I played the piano, which faced the wall of a small room down the hall, to calm myself and turned around to find that I had an audience that filled that room!  Evidently, I was a hit!!!  Many memories…  I’m blessed to be a musician.  I don’t use my talents enough.  I’ll have to get on that.  I was learning the guitar and could play decently to begin with once I knew the frets and string tunings.  I’ll have to get back to that.  I’ve ordered a couple of guitar songbooks with traditional and folk arrangements for beginners.  They should be here in a few days to a week.

My husband and I both slept in after watching Squiggle Bug this morning.  We’re watching him again this evening.  The two of us went and looked at these RV trailers being showcased in the lot next to the K-Mart building that they just tore down all the way to the ground, and I found one I really like.  If I’m going to be climbing and traveling to climb, it’s a serious consideration.  They’re having a sale on new ones right now and I found one I really liked.  It’s an XLR Hyper Lite tongue-pull, double-axle, toy-hauler style RV trailer that’s nice and low, but has plenty of room for hauling gear and living in.  Really nice one.  I really liked it.  It was just a little over $34,000 on sale and is a 2018 model.  Soon enough, it will be last year’s model as far as the dealers are concerned and the price will sink even lower!  It’s nice to know that, when I get my truck paid off, I can get into a nice new RV trailer for a lot less than what my truck cost me!!!  I could have my bike, my climbing gear, and all the gear I could possibly need in there and travel easily with it, then unhook and drive around if I needed to.  There’s also the fact that my truck is a 4×4 super-crew, too.  I could do all kinds of stuff with that set-up!!!  Now all I need is money!  Really short on that right now, unfortunately.  Looking around is fun, though!

I painted a picture of rain clouds with my travel watercolor set and my watercolor journal at the kitchen table after we got home from looking around and taking a nice drive.  I want to finish it up as an urban scene, such as that of the newly-leveled K-Mart building, but at the same time, I want to leave it as it is, a finished painting in itself.  I contemplated what to do long enough for it to dry several times over, and decided to leave it for now and not do anything else to it.  It’s perfect in and of itself, today at least.  Tomorrow, I may decide to do something else with it, but today it’s perfect.  So I left it that way.  I feel relaxed today, which is unusual.  I’ll take it, though!  What next, I wonder?

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