Feeling better already!

I took the extra dose of my medication yesterday, which was the dose I usually took before this last week, and I feel better already today!  I slept better and everything!  That’s a little strange because my doctor and I thought that this medication could’ve been interfering with my sleep, but it turns out that I slept great last night!  Maybe it’s just coincidence…  Whatever it was, I’ll take it!  I love good, quality sleep!!!

Today, two of my friends from the climbing gym are getting married five hours away.  I wish them the best.  They’re made for each other, that’s for sure, and I say that with a positive tone.  So, congratulations Dillon and Katie!

My hope today is to go climbing at the climbing gym, since it rained hard almost all day yesterday and outdoor climbing is out of the question today because it’s not nearly dry enough and the humidity would kill me even if it was dry enough on the rock!  Today is Saturday, though, and that means LOTS of people at the climbing gym.  I don’t do well with crowds, but at the same time, my doctor says that it’s good for me to go on Saturdays and Sundays and busy times during the week to get over my anxiety with that.  I don’t climb particularly well, or much at all, when I have an audience, or feel like I have one.  We’ll see.  I really want to go climbing!!!  It’s supposed to be rainy today again, so I think my bike-riding plans are shot for the day. If not, I’ll be on my bike trying out my new helmet further!  I got a Smith bike helmet with a visor to keep the sun out of my eyes and off my nose a bit.  I always have my other helmet as backup if anything happens to this one!  I hope I get to go ride my bike today, too!

I need to type up my Week 3 Report for the MyClimb Genesis Spring Challenge 2018 today.  I was supposed to type it up yesterday and post it to our group’s page, but yesterday got a little hectic and it didn’t get done.  Second week in a row that I’ll be late in posting by a day.  Oh, well.  At least it’ll get done in a timely manner.  I’m not worried about deadlines so much anymore, as long as it gets done in a timely manner when it’s important.  Other people set firm deadlines and that’s fine.  That works for them.  I’m a little more laid back about my climbing goals, though, because it’s a process, and the stars have to align a certain way in most instances for progress to happen consistently.  Progress in climbing tends to happen in fits and starts, and I’ve learned that.  So on we go.  I’ll be typing that up, now, so I’ll see you later.  Have a great day and CLIMB!!!

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