My MyClimb Challenge buddies

I’m grateful for my climbing buddies that do the MyClimb Challenges with me.  These are three- to four-month long challenges that have a hierarchy of personal goals integrated into them and we all give feedback and encouragement and support to one another throughout the actual Challenges and in between.  Everybody is always excited to read everybody else’s weekly progress reports and offer congratulations for the little things as well as the big things.  I love it!  It makes rough weeks worth it and great weeks better than ever!!!  More than anything, it gives us a camaraderie that we wouldn’t otherwise have during some tough goal-chasing that we do.  It’s life-changing – it truly is – to have a group of fellow climbers to go to who are as hard-core as you wish you were and get advice and ideas from.  I’m honored to be part of this group, and I’m always humbled by the feats my climbing buddies accomplish, even in training!  They’re a dedicated bunch and I hope we get to share many more Challenges together, even though we’re spread across the world!!!  So, to Lou, Igs, Bill, Maggie, and Gregg, especially, THANK YOU FOR BEING MY CORE TEAM AND INVITING ME TO BE ON YOURS!!!  I’m a better climber and a better person for being part of these Challenges with you!!!  There are other members of the team that come and go (or who are less active in our banter), but these that I’ve named here have stuck it out and are very active in our communications with each other, and I feel like we’re family.  It’s great to have that kind of camaraderie again!!!  It’s not something you find much outside the military.  I’m glad I’ve found these folks – my tribe!!!

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