Best day of climbing since I’ve been back at it!

I sent three V0 problems and attempted one more on the upstairs bouldering wall, and attempted a really overhung V1 down on the main floor bouldering wall twice. That about did it for me as far as energy goes, but that’s so much better than even a few days ago! I want to get my strength and endurance back and continue my climbing and training progress from there!!! I went climbing during one of the quietest (ie. least busy) times of the day and it was fantastic! I don’t want to deal with crowds while I’m trying to get back in the game. I recorded my ascent of that Green Arete V0 to see how I was doing as far as technique went. Looked decent.

I hope the video works for you! I recorded it with my iPad Mini 4, so it should be compatible with most media players. I hope it is, at least! I know my technique isn’t perfect, but it has suffered along with the rest of my climbing performance from this hiatus due to the influenza. I’m very serious about footwork, balance, and movement. I’m working on losing weight – there is actually a lot of muscle under that excess! It’s a good day!

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