Getting my taxes done today

I’m getting my taxes done today.  It’s that time of year.  I’m actually a little late in getting them done this year.  Normally, I have them finished off by no later than that second week of February.  At least I still squeezed it into February!  I try to get this knocked out as soon as possible every year because it’s just one more thing to forget to get done, and it takes some organization.  You really have to start sorting your mail carefully, looking for those tax forms and such from various sources, and you have to collect all of your paperwork from the last year.  I have mine done by a very dear lady named Shirley who works for a tax service in the next town over to the west of Billings.  She’s retired, except for doing taxes during tax season every year.  I always enjoy visiting with her and she’s done my taxes for the last 14 years or so.  It’s nice to have someone who knows you and your situation do your taxes, especially with the tax law changes involving health insurance and all the politics and extraneous junk that’s gone on with that.  I’m always curious to know what new or different thing we have to do with my paperwork and who needs a copy of what every year.  Interesting is one word for it…  Shirley’s always having to get a new certification in some area to keep up with the tax laws, from which she has certificates for hanging on her walls to display.  Some of the laws are ridiculous…okay, a lot of the tax laws are just plain ludicrous!!!  The only people they hurt are the middle class, on whose backs all of these social programs are built.  I won’t get into that, but taxes are something I like to get over and done with because then I don’t have to get riled again for another year as long as I don’t expose myself to any kind of political garbage.  I try to stay away from that stuff because it just upsets me.  I do vote.  I’m very serious about that.  That’s all the farther into that subject I’ll tread.  Anyway, I’ll get my taxes done today, and then go climbing!!!  It should be an awesome day!!!

Blog-wise, I’m starting a blog project for myself that I will reveal shortly (hopefully) and I’ve already contacted two professional climbers for it.  We’ll see if they respond.  I really hope they do, because this is going to be awesome if they do!!!  I’m so excited to see if they respond!!!  I plan on contacting more than just two pro climbers for it, but yesterday, I only contacted two because I was doing some other research and had some other things on my plate yesterday, as I do today.  I’ve got all kinds of blog projects in the planning stages.  You are going to love it!!!  You will, at the very least, find it interesting and worth taking a look at as they progress.  I love writing this blog, and it thrills me to death to see that I have people who enjoy reading it!  If you’re reading this, you make my day!!!  Thank you!!!  Have a great day!!!

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