I sent my V1+ project!!!


Yesterday, I had my third training session with Mack shortly after my appointment with my doctor.  The blue V1+ that has been my project at the gym for a couple of months now had yet to be sent, but I felt like “today was the day”.  I went to the gym to get warmed up before Mack got there so that I could save some of his time.  Arriving at about 1515 hrs, I had plenty of time to tape my fingers, warm up on the treadmill, and get on the warm-up wall to do some traversing.  When I was traversing, I used a hold that I was never able to use previously with my non-dominant hand and did a cross-over with my other hand while hanging on to it!  I was so impressed with that because it was progress of the finger strength variety!  I’m able to grip holds I was never able to before and use them!!!  Fantastic!!!

Mack showed up and I was ready to do some targeted projecting.  My first attempt of the day on the blue V1+ was ever-so-close, yet so far…I made it to the second-to-last handhold and had to downclimb.  After a bit of discussion with Mack, I decided to try something a little different.  I decided to get my feet up higher before moving my hands up into no-man’s-land and it worked!!!  I sent my project!!!  In the photo above, it’s the blue problem on the wall.  The higher feet worked!!!  Now, getting down was the hard part…  I ended up just dropping, which was from quite a height, but it turned out fine, thankfully.  I opted for the controlled fall instead of risking an awkward slip that could end badly on the way down.  I sent that problem with my La Sportiva Otaki climbing shoes.

From there, Mack and I went to another wall and I attempted a yellow V2 with many dynamic pinches and some technical footwork.  I didn’t do half bad on the first few moves.  I was feeling pretty good!  After trying that for a bit, I did the rest of my training session with Mack in the cave.  My hangboard performance today was great!  I got to use the system board, too, which was awesome!  I had an all-around good session yesterday! On top of all that, I weighed myself yesterday morning and I’ve lost 5 lbs!!!  Yes!!!

Climbing really does do the job for my PTSD and related symptoms.  It pushes all the negative junk aside and allows me to experience joy and achievement and progress in my life.  Climbing has definitely been life-altering for me, not to mention life-saving, in the best way possible!  It’s my passion.  I can’t imagine life without climbing!!!

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