Well, there’s more than one way to look at things…

Upside-down.  Sideways.  Right-side up.  Negative.  Positive.  Indifferent.  Biased.  Unbiased.  Neutral.  Objectively.  Subjectively.  Qualitatively.  Quantitatively.  On the list goes of how to look at things…  Let’s stick with good or bad today.  The good part?  I had time to take my truck for an oil change today.  The bad part?  I had a nail in my tire.  The good part?  One of the techs noticed the nail in my tire.  The bad part?  I had to get my tire fixed.  The good part?  My timing was impeccable and the tire shop got me right in.  The bad part?  I have to go back the day after tomorrow to get a few other things fixed.  The good part?  I got back at around 1430 hrs this afternoon.  The bad part?  I’m having a zero-motivation day (actually, it’s called Major Depression due to PTSD) and this blog is about all I can manage to accomplish if I get to the end of it and click “Publish” twice.  That means that, if you’re reading this, that was a successful venture.  That could be good.  Or that could be bad.  There’s more than one way to look at things…  If I get this blog posted, then maybe I can manage to make it to the climbing gym, which is where I really need to be.  Or maybe today will be a rest day.  It’s looking more and more like a rest day…  Publish…  Publish…

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