Taking a step back from reality

Reality is a bit heavy for me right now, so I’m going to take a step back and think about something else. I have several projects going and other things that I need to get accomplished. So far, my main coping skills and means of getting by without ending up in the hospital have held, but the decision will be made today as to when, not if, to close the climbing gym for a period of time. It’s not nice enough in Montana yet to go climbing outdoors, so I’m losing my main coping activity and exercise that keeps the PTSD at bay. I’m going through a Depressive Episode as well, and have been for about two months, now. So what’s a person to do? Virtual climbs don’t help me. Planning climbing trips helps, though. That’s not exercise, proper, either. Today, I plan on hiking up and down the levels of the parking garage near my doctor’s office. That will be exercise, fresh air, and training for crag approaches and peakbagging hikes. Endurance cardio. That way, I can try out my new Altra alone Peak 4 trail running shoes at the same time. Sounds like a plan. I want to pay off a loan today, too, but that will depend on whether or not the small bank branch that ai do business at is open today. If it’s not, then so be it. I can hang out with my husband and we can go for a drive. I can write a short story or do some origami for the Doc. I’m trying to keep my mind from wandering into those dark places where it gets lost and feels miserable — dangerously miserable. Stay busy doing something during this trying time. And don’t let your mind wander into the panic and chaos. Stay calm…

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