My climbing gym closed

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, my local climbing gym is closed. Great. NOW what do I do to stay sane? I mean that “sane” part. With severe and chronic PTSD and going through a Major Depressive Episode right now, on top of many people’s not-altogether-unwarranted panic (thanks to the media — can we impeach them?), I’m feeling more than a little “off”, you might say. Like at least half a bubble off! Really, though, my mental health is suffering from this social isolation bit, and I suffer with that from mental illness as it is, so it’s quite magnified in my life right now. I’m not, by far, the only one going through this and feeling this way about it. Now, though, since the climbing gym had to close and the weather here in Montana isn’t cooperating yet, I’m at somewhat of a loss as to how to deal with my chronic pain and mental illness. I just hope and pray that I can continue to get my medications and pay my bills until this passes, which I honestly believe is going to be beyond April 1st. In the area of macabre humor, it will be one of the best April Fool’s jokes in recorded history. Just before midnight tonight is the beginning of Spring. It’s hard to be excited about, but I’m trying to offer something in the way of positive happenings to the mix. Wherever you are, I hope you are well and that you remain well. Tomorrow will come.

One thought on “My climbing gym closed

  1. Ahh that’s so difficult. They’ve mostly closed here too. I’m trying to do gentle workouts, on payday I’m gonna invest in a pull up bar, some gymnastic rings and a resistance band. It’ll be a long ride.


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