Watching the climbing gods

One climbs with the incredible strength and speed of a three-toed sloth on the most difficult grades in the climbing gym, never sweating, never falling, and in total control with every move and breath. Another holds themselves on the steep, overhanging wall with a heel hook and a knee against a tufa hold while topping out on the impossible sloper finish. Yet another climbs frenetically up the wall, racing their own best time and throwing moves nobody’s even humanly capable of, especially at their short stature — a little dynamo rock devil. I’m watching the climbing gods, and they don’t even know it. They don’t recognize themselves as the climbing gods or acknowledge their prowess to any unless complimented, in which case they humbly thank the giver of the kind word and continue their communion with the wall. If you think they’re impressive indoors, you should see them on real rock! I’m in awe of these “ordinary people” and the extraordinary feats they pull off at the crag. The climbing gods are among us. They are us. Remember that. You are a climbing god to someone and you don’t even know it, nor would you acknowledge it if you were told…because you’re a climbing god.

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