When the climbing gods speak

What the climbing gods say cannot be written, but let it be known that pure elemental power is expressed in their words, whether they be celebratory or defeated in nature. Conversations between the climbing gods can be on just about any subject, and are often carried on in low tones and hushed voices as not to disturb others who are climbing. They speak in their own language and the elder climbing gods teach the younger ones the language of the ancients. Though the younger climbing gods have some different terminology than the more experienced ones, they all have a solid grasp of the core language. One thing is for sure — they care deeply for each other and a success for one is a success for all, as is the loss of one a loss for all. They go out amongst the regular human population and speak the common language, blending in without issue or difficulty. When they come together at the crags, the mountains, the boulders, and the climbing gyms, though, their culture comes out and the language is spoken. It is amazing and inspiring, especially to be one of them. Long live the gods!

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