The kitty is angry with me

When I got to my mom’s house last night, I fed the kitty her treats and shut the porch door, not thinking. That meant that she was confined to the porch all night instead of being able to come and go as she pleased, which has been the case with the partially open door for the last few nights. Well, the kitty left a present for me right outside the inside porch door — right where I would surely find it. She pooped right outside the door, and I happened to notice it (thank the Good Lord) before stepping in it. I considered not giving her treats this morning, but I already had the treats in my hand and the behavior wouldn’t have been modified by the action at that point in time. Part of behavior modification is timing and association. Anyway, I have a real problem with cat and dog poop (in contrast, no problem whatsoever with human feces, but we’ve all got our quirks), so it’s still there. Waiting. Obviously, the kitty was nonplussed with my shutting the door last night. It’s a good thing that my mom and I bought a cat door to put in the porch the other day. I’d say we need to put that in ASAP. I don’t, however, like the idea of being controlled by the cat. I like the idea of stepping in cat poop even less, though. The kitty is angry with me…

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