The modified plan

Everything initially went as planned…so far as we had it planned. I went back out to my brother’s new house to help my mom with the kids while the movers were doing their thing and I know it helped out a lot. My brother’s father-in-law and my brother managed to get some stuff put away while my mom and I, while watching the kids, began defrosting my brother’s freezer, which needed it badly. It’s almost 1500 hrs and things are going as smoothly as can be expected. Moving is not an exact science but we seem to be doing okay at it so far. Squiggle Bug is enamored with his new house, but I don’t think he understands that he will now be staying here permanently. I think that he’s under the impression that he is just visiting someone else’s house for the day. He is so tired. He’s worn himself out, but keeps on going. I don’t foresee a nap in the near future, in other words. Oh, well. He’ll settle in. Eventually. In the meantime, I’ve shut myself away in the guest bedroom to see if my mom can get him to go to sleep. Most of the time he will if he’s not distracted by anyone else’s presence. We’re going to find out!

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