So here’s the plan

So, here’s the plan as of 0630 hrs this morning (subject to change, I’m sure, haha)… First, my brother takes my sister-in-law to work. Next, we get the kids loaded up in my brother’s car. Third, we caravan out to his new house in the early morning light (scratch that, it’s still going to be dark) — my brother in his car, me in my truck, and my mom in her truck. Fourth, we get the kids settled in a bit, which could take a little bit. Fifth, I give my brother a ride back to the old house before 0900 hrs. Sixth, the movers come between 0900 hrs and 1100 hrs to move the big stuff upstairs out and take it to my brother’s new house. Last, but not least, we all collapse in a twitching heap of exhaustion and call it a day at around midnight tonight or so… sounds like a plan, right?

My brother’s been working himself to exhaustion as it is to this point trying to get everything just boxed up and moved. His father-in-law has been helping him, thank goodness, and my mom has been watching the kids. Poor Squiggle Bug is having such a hard time understanding what is going on because he hasn’t been to the new house yet and he thinks all of his stuff is gone forever and that everybody is hiding it all from him. He’s not quite two and a half years old and is thoroughly confused, having plenty of meltdowns. It’s really stressful for him, too. He doesn’t understand and that’s scary for anybody!

Hopefully today goes as smoothly as possible. Moving is never a perfect process, but I hope that it goes as well as moving can for them. It’s a lot of stress and a lot of work! I’ve done it plenty of times and I know how wrong it can go! Let’s just stick to the plan…and keep our fingers crossed!

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