WordPress did an update and I like it, mostly

The colors are a bit more vivid, the blue dot in the lower right-hand corner is the “Help” button, and things just seem a little brighter.  I’m not one for the block editor, though.  I like the old formating tools because I have them figured out.  Don’t change too much, guys.  And please, get rid of the Pink in the Stats and replace it with a nice, vivid Orange.  I hate pink.  Yes, even though certain colors of pink look rather stunning on me, I still hate pink.  I would rather be able to pick a color, even, than to have just pink as my option.  The Blue is awesome, though.  Love the Blue.

So, what am I doing today?  I have an appointment with the Doc (thank God!), I’m updating my MacBook Pro to the Catalina operating system as soon as the upgrade downloads, which may not be until tomorrow at the rate it’s going, I’m going to have a visit with a couple of friends later after my appointment, and then hopefully, I’ll be able to go climbing for a bit today to top it all off before I head back out to my mom’s house.

I had to buy some extra Hotspot GB for my iPhone.  Evidently I somehow (or someone else somehow) used up all but 10% of my data for my Hotspot and it doesn’t reset until the 16th of November!  That’s some serious usage in the last five days!  Something is amiss, I fear, because this has never happened to me before, but I paid the stupid $35 for an extra 5 GB that won’t roll over if I don’t use them by 16 Nov 2019.  Highway robbery, I say!

The result of all of this is a relatively busy morning so far.  Hopefully my nice, warm merino wool beanie comes today.  It’s not supposed to be terribly sunny or warm for the next, oh, few months.  I would really like a warm hat to spend the winter months with!  It’ll get here sooner or later, I guess.  I already got an e-mail from the company I ordered it from asking me to rate the product, so it’s got to be close, right?

As of 1025 hrs, this is my day.  Things could change, and often do.  Too often.  Life is change, I gather, and I don’t always like it, but it’s all I’ve got!  Have a great day!

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