Loving being back on the wall!

There are a lot of good problems on the wall right now, and the bouldering area has been extended onto the lead wall where it is vertical/slight slab! That’s good news for me because I have this injury that I’m still recovering from. Vertical and slab are great in comparison to all the overhanging bouldering we’ve got in my climbing gym. I can deal with that more easily on my path to recovery and progression. Kind of reminds me a bit of the old gym, and there are some things that I definitely miss about the old bouldering gym. I’m glad I got an opportunity to start out and have that experience at the old bouldering gym before transitioning into the new climbing gym. Fond memories… Don’t get me wrong — there are a lot of great things about the new climbing gym! I’m not trying to be down on the new gym at all. It’s just different. There’s really no comparison beyond apples and oranges between the two. I will always be a boulderer first, though. That’s where my roots are. I love sport climbing, and I hate lugging a crash pad around, but all types of climbing have their issues and rewards. Bouldering is special to me because that’s where my humble beginnings in the world of the steep dwell. Sport climbing is special to me because of the friends that I climbed with and the trips we took together. Bouldering is also special because I used to be a route setter for bouldering problems at the old gym with some of my best climbing buddies. Again, fond memories… I can set a mean V4 anytime! The new gym is a good change in a lot of ways, but I’ll always have history with the old bouldering gym. We’ll see… Perhaps I can make some special memories here at the new gym. You never know! I’m well on my way, though, rest assured.

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