Training for “The Howling” V5

There’s a bouldering problem I’m looking to send on the Langohr Boulder in Bozeman in June. It’s a V5 called “The Howling”. I almost had it last summer when Lou and Leon were here in Montana climbing with me. I want that ascent! I had all the crux moves worked out, and I just needed to link them. This year, I plan on nailing it! That will be my greatest achievement in climbing due to all that’s happened over the last year – the accident, my broken wrist, my thumb ligament injury, not being able to climb for six months, slowly regaining range of motion and grip strength with my left hand, wrist, and thumb, all the heartache, worry, and pain… I will send “The Howling”, or go down climbing my hardest! V5, here I come! We’ll see how the Scarpa Instincts hold up in the process! More to come!

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