MasterClass with Neil Gaiman

I bit the bullet and purchased the MasterClass with Neil Gaiman, the tremendously successful author of the “Sandman” series of graphic novels and such fiction novels as “Neverwhere”. He is one of my favorite authors, and this MasterClass is hopefully going to unlock some of my own potential for storytelling. I’m intensely interested to see what he has to say about his craft and how I can apply his methods to my own writing! My goal is to be a rock climber and freelancer in the fields of writing, illustration, and photography, eventually. I want to be able to document my world and my experiences in the steep, as to inspire others to dare to chase a dream and discover who they really are. I’m a late bloomer as far as figuring out who I really am goes, but that’s okay. The important piece of the equation is that I’m still fighting, struggling, and successfully discovering myself day by day, bit by bit, and aspiring to help others do the same. It’s not easy, but so long as I draw breath, I must continue on. This MasterClass should help me discover my voice and share some of the excitement I feel about climbing and writing about it!

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