Got influenza? Then don’t spread it!

I know, I know.  Life happens and life goes on.  You get sick and you still have to go to work.  The pipes are frozen at the apartment complex that you do maintenance for and you have to go fix things even though you’re sick.  The boss won’t let you take the day off because there are just too many people already out of the office, probably because they’re sick, too.  I get it, I really do.  However, those are the mandatory kinds of things that we have to do when we get sick.

There are some things that we do NOT have to do when we are sick, though.  However spiritual you think you are being by going to church despite feeling like you’re at death’s door, you’re spreading your influenza in the process, and you’re spreading it to a population that includes the very old and the very young – in other words, the very frail and vulnerable.  People die of influenza every day!  Influenza can KILL people!  Got influenza?  Then don’t spread it!  God will understand if you don’t go to church this Sunday because you’re highly infectious body with a feverish brain decided to stay home in bed and rest!  You can repent right there in bed and ask forgiveness, even!  God will forgive you on this one, I guarantee it!  He’ll probably give you a gold star for the day or add to your halo pile for it, even!  I’m very serious about Sacrament, but I’m also very serious about being sick and when I’m seriously ill, I don’t go to Sacrament and spread it to the rest of the congregation.  I think it’s irresponsible at best to spread viruses like that.  If you’re a key player in the spiritual meeting that day, call someone and let them know you’re sick and need someone else to take your place!  The world is not going to end because you aren’t there spreading your germs!  You’ll be missed, I’m sure, but you’re more likely to be hated if you go and spread the strain of influenza that the flu shot didn’t cover this year and everybody gets sick!

My point is that you can be devout and dedicated, and still be human (sick, in other words).  God understands.  He really does!  And if it’s a case of your boss demanding that you come in even though you’re hanging onto life by a thread, then go to the doctor and get a medical excuse from work.  Just stop spreading the virus if you’re able!  Please!  At the very least, wear a mask!  Wash your hands often, use plenty of antibacterial hand sanitizer, and wear a mask if you have to go out.  Use common sense and think about how you feel when someone coughs or sneezes near you.  You feel that sense of impending doom and move away from them, don’t you?  Well, when it’s you that’s sick, that’s how people feel about you.  They don’t want what you have!  Please, if there’s anything you can do to stop the illness from spreading, do it!  You will have done your good deed for many days and many people if you do.

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