A variety of iPod tunes!

Well, to load songs onto my new iPod Touch, I began with the idea of really crushing on the climbing wall.  That led to some Eminem, Yelawolf, DMB, Five Finger Death Punch, Pink Floyd, Lady Gaga, Crystal Method, and a mixed playlist of singles that I like.  Then I got to thinking about cool-down.  What do I need to calm down from this fast-paced, vulgar, raw, all-out warrior state?  So I loaded some freestyle acoustic guitar hymns, some more singles that I like, more DMB, Hugh Laurie (yes, the British guy that played House in the TV series sings and plays piano New Orleans style), Moby, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Postmodern Jukebox, Les Yeux Noir – more mellow stuff.  After that, I realized that I needed some contemplative music, even some meditative stuff, perhaps, in case I needed to block out the world and read a book or just be in the moment.  I then loaded some good rain sound tracks, thunderstorm tracks, and some other singles that are calming, like Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” as performed by Jeff Buckley.  Have I covered all the bases yet, haha?  There’s a lot of artists and songs on my iPod that I wouldn’t play anywhere but through my earbuds, but the point is that they’re what they need to be to create a mood in me for whatever purpose I’m aiming for at the time, or to match my mood.  What’s on my iPod stays on my iPod.  You are now part of a small, exclusive group that knows the some of the albums and playlists on my iPod…  Guard these secrets well!  (And for those of you who want PG-rated music, most of these are definitely NOT rated PG!  You won’t find the lyrics here!)

What’s on your iPod?  Comment below…if you dare!

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