Life: a series of spur-of-the-moment decisions…

Have you ever tried to plan something?  Of course you have!  And how did that work out for you?  Well, if it worked out at all like you planned it, kudos to you, because you’re way ahead of the curve from where I’m at!  In my life, plans have to be fairly fluid and flexible.  Why?  Appointments change, people get sick, I have off days, and life happens.  Ah, life: a series of spur-of-the-moment decisions…

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.  I’ve had more adventures with my barely-tacked-down, off-the-cuff lifestyle than if I had a perfectly planned adventure in mind that was surely going to go south, as in, down the drain.  My life is tacked down at a few points.  Appointments with my psychiatrist on most Mondays and Fridays, though subject to change, keep my life managable.  The occasional extra appointment will pop up sometime during the week and further tack down an otherwise fluid-motion schedule.  I attempt to go to the climbing gym (when I can climb) at 0600 hrs so that the rest of the day doesn’t deprive me of my time there.  That tacks my life down on some days better than others, because things happen there, too.  Watching my nephew and taking him for walks and having snacks with him and my mom are all variables that happen almost daily, so those are starting to get into the grey area of things.

Let’s talk about this grey area.  The grey area is something life-changing that isn’t easily pinned down.  You know it’s there, and it either enriches or hinders your life (sometimes both at the same time), but you can’t quite identify it.  What is it???  I think it’s called adulthood.  Good luck figuring that out, and if you come up with a good way to manage it, let me know, because I sure don’t know what it is, how to identify it, or how to manage it!

My point is that nothing is set in stone.  We may not even draw our next breath.  Stone is grey, though.  Well, some of it, anyway…

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