My new REI shirtjac

While I was in Bozeman yesterday, I had to stop by REI. That’s a must whenever I go to Bozeman! They were having a clearance sale with several racks of clothing included. I decided to look around because I’ve lost enough weight that I thought something might actually fit me. I looked around and found an REI brand shirtjac with snap buttons. Just what I’ve been looking for! But was it the right size? Dare I look? It was down- filled and the perfect shade of olive drab. I looked at the tag. XXL. In REI sizing, that might just fit me now. I took it off the hanger and took the plunge – I tried it on. And it fit! Then I had to decide if I liked it enough to look at the price tag. I decided that I would pay no more than $100 for it. I found the price tag and flipped it over. It was 50% off, and less than $100! Yeeessss!!! I enthusiastically took it to the checkout counter with the rest of the treasures and bargains I’d found. This shirtjac is the perfect size, the perfect warmth, and the perfect color. The price was even right! This is great!

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