My thumb, my grumpy thumb!

Yes, I still have my thumb.  One opposable and one immobile right now, but I actually have both thumbs, which is a big plus!  I like my thumbs.  They are very useful things.  Due to one of them being immobilized right now, I’m rather grumpy.  It’s not so much the immobilization of the thumb that makes me grumpy, but the fact that I can’t climb with an immobilized thumb (which goes along with an immobilized wrist, by the way).  My psychiatrist told me today to blog about my thumb and being grumpy.  I must be really grumpy if my doctor told me to write about it!  The fact that I’ve caught a cold from the stress of late doesn’t help any.  Living on TheraFlu (actually, the store-brand equivalent that tastes better and dissolves more smoothly) isn’t that much fun.  I’m just plain grumpy.  I’m also depressed, anxious, and just plain in a bad mood.  But hey, I’m walking and talking and breathing, so I should be thankful!  Let’s all be thankful for something today.  We take a lot for granted, and I want us to all realize that it’s not that bad.  It’s really not.  Or maybe it is.  As long as you’re breathing, though, things can get better…I hope.

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