A cold morning at SteepWorld

I got in my truck with much anxiety. It was dark and cold. I grabbed my custom quickdraw on my belt loop and practiced flipping an imaginary rope past the bent gate with my right thumb until the anxiety subsided somewhat. An hour had passed. Time to start the engine. The street lamps gave little light through the tree branches above me. I let the truck warm up for a few minutes and then, taking a deep breath, shifted it into the automatic drive gear. I turned the wheel and pulled out of my parking space along the street carefully. I prayed the whole way to the climbing gym.

As I backed into the handicapped parking space that I usually park in at SteepWorld, I finally stopped holding my breath and exhaled sharply. I shut the truck off, kicked the door open gently, and grabbed my iPad, Bullet Journal, and book out of the passenger seat before locking the doors and shutting the drivers side door. I had arrived. I was met by Zac at the door, who was tying a series of alpine loops in a long piece of accessory cord inside. I asked what he was making. He replied that the gym was now going to sell used shoes on consignment, but no one knew they were even there because they were all hanging on a stringer near the ceiling in the corner. He had to point to them before I saw them. I asked what percentage the gym was taking for the sales because I have some used shoes to get rid of. Zac said he would ask.

I’m sitting here writing this post while a fan above me blows cold air down around me. It’s freezing in here! It’s actually a really good climbing temperature, though, I must admit. Zac got the consignment shoes hung up and it looks good. Not only can you see them now, but you can also see them as you walk in the door.

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