The new Groove Life silicone topo rings

I just got my new Groove Life silicone topo rings today! I like what Qalo does with some of their newest designs, but Groove Life has won my heart with their latest release. Previous to the topo design rings that Groove Life just came out with, the competition was real for me between Qalo and Groove. Groove, first and foremost, has a silicone ring design that doesn’t make my fingers mushy underneath the rings when I wear them. My fingers stay dry. Second, the new topo rings are super cool! They look like real topo maps! Qalo has a Rocky Mountain imprint they can do on their Edge rings, which is neat, and was the main competing factor against Groove’s special edition mountain design ring. I wore one of each because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. Groove definitely beat out Qalo hands-down with this new topo ring, though! Now if they come out with the topo ring in anchor blue, it’ll be settled forever!

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