Blogging live from the climbing gym

The point is that I drove over here to the climbing gym. I am also getting some exposure to people, as a second point. Third therapeutic point? I’m at a place where I would normally be if my life wasn’t plagued by this extra stress right now. All of these things are important to my mental health and coping with the anxiety I feel with the PTSD during this particular time in my life. I still, for legal reasons, can’t discuss exactly what is going on, but suffice it to say that it was traumatic in nature and I’m injured, both physically and mentally. Driving to the climbing gym and blogging on my iPad while surrounded by people that I don’t know is exposure treatment of a sort.

It’s very difficult because I cannot climb. I need to climb! That’s my coping skill in life! Must climb! I don’t see the doctor until next week still and this is killing me. I’m so ready to climb again! I need to get back to climbing for the MyClimb Solstice Challenge that starts on 05 November and runs until 21 December of this year. It’s the last Challenge of 2018! If I can’t climb, what kind of goals am I going to have? Rehabilitation goals. Not the kind of goals I want to be stuck with, but necessary ones, if that’s the way things have to be. At least I should be able to climb again fairly soon. We’ll see what the doctor says…

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