Butte’s bouldering comp is coming up!

On Saturday, 13 October 2018, the 9th Annual Butte Bouldering Bash is happening.  I really want to go, but I do not know if I have the money.  I do not have the right setup to sleep in my truck, and I cannot afford a hotel for two nights at the moment.  I could sleep in my truck, but I would be a hurting unit as far as climbing went the next day.  I could drive up that morning, but that is an awfully long drive, followed by a hard day of outdoor bouldering in the cold of Montana fall weather, ending up with another really long drive back to Billings.  Some of the driving in the morning and all of the driving that night would be in the dark.  I am fairly sure that would not be a safe option.  I have to do something about the entry fee, too, which is $40.  I think I can swing the $40 entry fee if I can figure out the overnight part.  I want to be fresh in the morning and I need to be able to crash that night.

Outdoor bouldering!  I have to find a way to go to this comp!  I could go bouldering by myself anytime, but this way, I might get to see some people I know and mix with some of the climbers from around the state and even surrounding states.  I do not want to miss this.  There is going to be a film viewing, too, beginning at sundown after the comp.  It is a competition, yes.  I do not expect to win anything grand or to win anything at all.  I always go to these types of events with doing my best in mind, even if it is a new move for me or a particularly hard problem that I manage to send.  I do not have any real expectations beyond having a good time bouldering outdoors and not getting injured.  I think those are pretty reasonable expectations, myself.  Those expectations allow me to have a lot of fun bouldering outdoors.  I am a much better outdoor climber than I am an indoor climber–that is for sure!  Indoors, I climb V1.  Outdoors, I climb V3+.  Now that I have found the Lowa Rocket climbing shoes, I want to try them at this comp, too!  We will see how this turns out.  Updates pending…

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