Did not climb today. Bummer.

I did not end up climbing at all today.  Bummer.  I did end up running into a good friend of mine from church and talking with her, though.  We caught up and she said we would have to do lunch.  I agreed.  We need to do lunch!

On my way out, I ran into Taylor.  He said he leaves for Bozeman and his new job tomorrow.  He found a place to live, which is good.  He will not be living out of his truck.  I gave him two hugs and a fist bump, and told him he would do great and it will be good.  “I hope so,” he replied.  I know he will do great once he gets settled.  I told him to let me know when he is in town and we would get together.  He assured me that he would.  It is hard letting go of T.  He has been such a friend to me, both in climbing and in route setting.  Now he is beginning a new phase in life, and I hope and pray that it works out for him.  It should.  He can do it–I have no doubt about that.  I will miss him, though…

I dropped Emily’s birthday present off to McKenzie at the climbing gym so that it will be there for her when she goes to the gym next.  I do not know when she goes to the gym now that she is back in school and working.  I hope she likes it!

Spanish rice is on the menu for supper tonight, followed by cake (in small doses).  I am excited about both!  A mere five minutes from now, the Spanish rice will be done, and ten minutes from now, the cake will be done.  What a feeding frenzy we will have!  Well, Jerrold might have a feeding frenzy.  I will eat some Spanish rice and I do not know if I dare touch the cake.  I have lost 23 lbs now, and I do not plan on gaining any of those back!

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