Today, I MUST go climbing!

I have one goal today, that goal being climbing.  I have to climb off some stress and get my body loosened up.  My muscles and joints are tense after yesterday because I did not move around much.  Osteoarthritis – great thing  that it is – plays a big part in my mobility on days like today and in pain levels throughout my body.  I have to keep moving, or I will lose the ability to do so!  I plan on becoming a great alpinist, so I cannot have my body continue to be the wreck that it is concerning strength and aerobic fitness.  I am really working at getting in great physical shape again and losing a lot of excess fat weight.  I do not mind if I weigh a little more, but that weight had better be due to muscle mass and not to excess adipose tissue!  I have a lot of stress in my life right now, too, so I need to climb those negative chemicals and neurotransmitters into oblivion by climbing and releasing the feel-good neurotransmitters.  In short, I am stressed, and I am going to climb for a while today in order to be happy.  Sounds simple.  Now, it is Sunday.  That means there will be birthday parties for little kids and lots of other people there in general.  The least busy time will be right when the climbing gym opens; that is what I am shooting for.  I will be waiting outside the climbing gym doors at 0930 hrs, just to make sure that I get myself composed enough to climb by the time 1000 hrs rolls around.  After that, it’s GAME ON!  Updates pending…

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