Squiggle Bug Watch

Poor Squiggle Bug was having a rough day yesterday.  He was so overtired that he had dark circles under his eyes and everything.  He just would not go to sleep, though.  Every time he would look at Grandpa, he would start crying, too!  Cullen finally, after an entire morning of being weepy and unhappy with life, fell asleep on my shoulder while I held him in the chair and rubbed his back.  He slept for two hours – a desperately needed bit of rest.  He was in a much better mood after he woke up, which was good.  My mom gave him a. pair of little red cowboy boots that are still a little bit big for his feet, but he gets around in them!  The heels of them even flash when he takes a step.  He had a good time for the remainder of our stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s…except when we had to leave.  Screams of protest permeated every corner of the neighborhood.

Prior to going to Park City yesterday, I got a call at 0640 hrs.  It was my doctor.  He had left the office the day before without calling in a prescription for me to the pharmacy and did not want me to run out of medication.  He asked which pharmacy I wanted it called into and I told him.  He was happy to oblige.  Now THAT’s a good doctor – taking care of business on his day off for a patient who would never complain at him about such a thing as a few days off of the medication due to someone else’s error.  I appreciated that so much!

Fast forward to last night.  I had an hour and a half to pick up my medication, which I promptly did, and then headed home to take care of Squiggle Bug again for the evening.  I was hoping that he had slept some more.  He had not.  After two separate diaper changes, both sorely needed, he decided to curl up in the nest he built next to Unlce Jerrold in the bed and go into a deep sleep.  Frank came down and I picked up Squiggle Bug, still fast asleep, and handed him over to Daddy.  I hope he slept a good long while because he certainly needed it.

Needless to say, I did not go climbing after that, even though I did have time to, because I, myself, was exhausted after a day of comforting and keeping up with an active, yet tired little boy.  It was a good day, though.  I was glad that I could be of some help to everybody by being on Squiggle Bug Watch.  I got some good video out of watching him walk around in those cowboy boots, too!  HoTQNkKZQ0eqeyE%N3HnAg

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